Friday, 12 April 2013

MUA Haul

 So this morning I was very surprised to see that my MUA order had arrived :) I placed the order on the 8th of April & it only took 4 days to arrive which I was very impressed with. All the items were very securely packed and I was glad to find nothing was broken.

I decided to pick up some items as MUA had a half price sale, altogether I got 14 items and it cost £25.00 in total (there is free UK shipping for orders over £25), which I think is a really good bargain!

In case you are wondering, here is a list of my order with links & prices:

 If you have not heard of MUA (Makeup Academy), they are a UK brand that deliver high quality makeup at very affordable prices, you can check out their site here:
 (Their products are also sold in superdrug)

I've tried some products previously from this brand and have been impressed with the quality of the makeup and value for money, so I'm looking forward to trying these out. I'll be posting some reviews shortly so stay tuned :)
(If there is anything specific from the list that you would like to see reviewed first let me know :D)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Quick Update

First off I would like to apologise for my absence in blogging, I've been busy lately with college work & studying so haven't really had time to post :( However I'm going to start posting regularly again, I want to continue with this blog and not let it go abandoned for ages!

I've recently made some purchases from E.LF and MUA (Makeup Academy) as MUA had a 50% off sale recently, and I've never tried out E.L.F products before and I really wanted to try their HD powder. So when they arrive I'll be doing a haul & review post on what I bought, so stay tuned for that! :)

So yesterday was my younger sister's birthday :) She went bowling with some friends & when we came back home my mum surprised her with a cake she made. Haha they were so hyper afterwards...
 Apart from that nothing much has really happened, I've sorted out all my university stuff and already sent off my finance application so that stress is all out the way :D Now all I have to do is get the grades.....

I'm also starting to get back into K-pop again :) I can't stop listening to this song, I love it so much! Lee Hi's voice is amazing!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Current Favourite Accessories - Chinese Bracelets

In October my sister went on a school trip to China and she brought back these gorgeous bracelets from the Tianning Temple in Changzou. My favourite is the Chinese Zodiac bracelet, I really like old fashioned/"ancient-looking" style bracelets and this one fits that style perfectly.

The second bracelet I think are prayer beads? Correct me if I'm wrong. I love the colour of the bracelet, it's so "warm" haha. Another thing I love about these bracelets is they're quite unique looking, you wouldn't be able to find bracelets similar to these easily in the UK. Although I think you might be able to find some in China Town?

I'm currently wearing these two bracelets a lot, I just love them! I really want to get some more of the same sort of style.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sale Shopping

Double Buckle Ankle Boots, £11.20 originally £20.00
Button Placket Chiffon Shirt in Wine, £5.00 was £12.00
Went to town yesterday with my sister and picked up a couple of items from (surprise surprise) Select (I seriously love that store). I've actually been looking for some new shoes for quite a while and saw the boots for such a bargain price and couldn't resist, I love them! Then saw the chiffon shirt for only £5, which I thought was a steal. 

I seriously have way too many chiffon shirts now, I'm thinking of making a post on the chiffon shirts I own + how I style them, what do you think? Would you be interested in reading it?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

"Left or right?"

In life there are so many tough decisions, how can we be sure we've made the right choice? What if we end up regretting that choice and end up looking back wishing things went differently?

  I'm currently at a "cross-road", I have no idea what to do.. where do I go? "Left or right?" I have two universities that I have offers from that I can't really decide between at all. Up until recently I was so sure I wanted to go to the first University, as it's one of the best for Journalism in the UK and I was impressed by the open day. However yesterday I went to an interview for the second university and I really liked it there, the place had character and the people I met were really nice. I feel really torn... What if I pick one university and wish I had chosen the other? Which one will help me to achieve more in my career path? It's such a hard decision that no one else can really make, it's all up to me and that's what scares me. I feel like I'm growing up so fast, this is the foundation for the path of my future, what if I make the "wrong choice"? I don't want to end up regretting everything, constantly looking back to the past thinking, "if only"... I really hate feeling so indecisive. There are times when I just wish that I could look ahead into future but then again who doesn't?

Friday, 15 February 2013

"Is BBF just a myth?"

I can relate so much to this article by Jameela in the recent edition of Company. I myself have had people come and go in life who I thought I would be friends with as cliché as it sounds "forever". Looking back I have fallen out of touch with so many close friends, the saddest thing is it's not really any of our faults, the greatest enemy is time... over the course of time we change, we can't help it and sadly some people no longer become part of that change. Looking back it does make me feel sad to lose someone who you were once so close to and could tell anything to and now when you meet or see them passing by you in the street, you no longer acknowledge each other... they've become a stranger. It's funny how the people who I thought I was going to lose touch with are actually the ones I'm still friends with now and how the people I would always count on I no longer speak with... but like the article says "who are you to expect them to revert to the person you initially became friends with, and who are they to expect the same of you?" I remember myself saying a couple of years back, exchanging "promises" of never losing touch with my "old bffs" and how we'll be friends "forever" and how that didn't work out, it's so weird when I look back at my leaver's book and read all of the messages from old friends. I realise now it's old/past friendships I miss, the people who we were... sometimes it's just best to let go of old friendships and hope of regaining the former closeness you once had, I realised this getting back in touch with an old close friend, we're so different now and really know nothing about each other anymore...I see it's time to let go of the "bff" label and sadly put it back where it belongs... in the past.

However moving all the depressing stuff aside, out of all the "temporary bff's" you will meet, there will be some which you just know will actually become life-long. I'm glad I have people in my life who I think disprove this "bff" myth, they've stuck by me through tough times and I know I can always count on them and I hope they know they can count on me too. We can go a couple of days without talking but when we all meet again it's like we weren't apart, I love these friends so much I actually consider them almost like family. This is the reason this article also kind of scares me in a way as I used to feel this way about my "old friends" and with what's happened now... I really sincerely hope with these friends our friendship won't grow apart. I'm worried about time, how we'll all change and lose touch....I wish with all my heart that with these people really do disprove the "bff myth" and are here to stay.

Mini Clothes Haul - Tie Dye Chiffon Shirt and Cardigan

 Blue Tie Dye Chiffon Shirt, £14

Black Space Dye Cardigan, £14

 Today I went to one of my favourite clothing stores (Select) and picked up a couple of items, which caught my eye. (It was so hard not to buy more, there's so much nice stuff there this season).

 I really love the colour of the tie dye and how it gradually gets darker (It reminds me of the sky) + I'm a sucker for chiffon shirts, I actually think I have more then 10 now.... Since it's starting to get warmer, I really like this cardigan as it's so comfy, and quite light but still has some warmth so think it will be good to wear for this season.